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  • RAMS—The first feature documentary about Dieter Rams

  • ZIPPELIN—An inflatable, one-of-a-kind travel bag by FREITAG

  • EARTH—An immersive AR/AI experience + model of our planet

  • Air-Ink—The world's first ink made out of air pollution

  • ELIA—The world’s most intuitive tactile reading system

  • Order—A minimalist watch inspired by New York City

  • 1977 EPA Graphic Standards System reissue—A hardcover book in 14 Pantone® colors

  • JANKY—limited edition art toys by Superplastic

  • Heilala—Women-operated, naturally grown, delicious vanilla

  • The SIX from G-RO—Carry-on luggage you effortlessly push forward

  • The Maya Angelou Documentary—The first documentary about Dr. Maya Angelou, created by some of the people who knew her best

  • Baking Supply Co.—Healthy recipe kits for herbal baking

  • Reissue of Humanscale—The tools to design for people, available for the first time in decades

  • Design Canada—The first documentary chronicling the history of Canadian graphic design

  • comp—A variation on the classic composition notebook made for the 21st century

  • Ministry of Supply—The first intelligent heated jacket

  • Today—The 24-hour timepiece designed to change the way you see your day

  • Pioneer Plaque—A replica by the original craftsman and reissue of NASA’s Pioneer Plaque

  • Tiller—One tap time tracking

  • The Vamp Stereo + Speaker—Bring back the sound to your own vintage speakers

  • Hidden Time Watch—A vanishing timepiece beautifully designed to alter your perception of passing hours

  • Priority Coast—A beach cruiser finally designed to survive beach bike life

  • Aftermaster Pro—Fix your TV audio & virtually any audio device

  • Stories—A children's bookshop + storytelling lab




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